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How to Improve Treasury Connectivity with A2A Automation

March 4, 2021

Businesses have a lot riding on their treasury operations.

Financial efficiency, better working capital management, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation are all strived for when it comes to treasury operations.

At most businesses, poor treasury connectivity is standing in the way of achieving these goals.

Look beneath the covers of the treasury operations in most businesses and you are likely to find:

  • Disparate payment rails
  • Poorly integrated systems
  • Antiquated payment processing technology
  • Multiple business entities
  • Complex banking relationships

Things are even more complicated for businesses with multiple instances of ERPs. In this environment, treasurers must toggle between systems to see the company’s cash position.

Without visibility and control over backend payment processing, businesses will never achieve the seamless corporate to bank connectivity and payments data analytics they need in today’s economy.

In addition, it is also harder to scale payments and treasury operations when systems are poorly integrated.

How A2A Solutions Improve Treasury Connectivity

Businesses recognize the problem. More businesses are deploying a new backend payment system to integrate digital payment options, and many of those businesses have payment processing API initiatives underway.

Some businesses plan to adopt SWIFT’s global payments innovation (GPI) to facilitate faster cross-border payments, while other businesses are leaning on intermediaries to provide connectivity with bank treasury systems.

While these approaches to improving treasury connectivity help, Account-to-Account (A2A) solutions offer the most beneficial way for treasurers to achieve ERP bank connectivity.

A2A solutions provide a single, state-of-the-art platform that integrates with any bank, ERP, or legacy system (e.g., accounting, treasury, payment) to standardize and accelerate the flow of payments and treasury information.

Improving treasury connectivity delivers critical benefits to businesses of all sizes:

  • Fewer manual processes and handoffs
  • No more costly system connections to manage
  • Streamlined backend payment processing and automated reconciliation
  • Options for faster payments such as Real Time Payment (RTP)
  • Greater visibility and control over backend payment processing
  • Streamlined auditing and reduced risk of payments fraud and compliance issues
  • Effortless cross-border payments
  • Improved working capital management


The biggest benefit of using A2A solutions to create a digitally connected corporate banking environment is the technology’s ability to evolve treasury processes and the way business gets done.

  • Payments and related data flow touch-free between systems.
  • Payments are processed faster, in any modality.
  • Treasury and payments processes are more transparent.
  • Treasurers always know where things stand.

None of this is possible without the ERP bank integration provided by an A2A solution.

The benefits of treasury connectivity and multi-bank connectivity are so compelling to treasury leaders that they have taken charge of their organization’s efforts to automate payment processing.

Start Your Journey with Integrated Business Processes

Payments modernization offers treasurers an opportunity to rethink connectivity.

With an A2A solution, treasurers can streamline connectivity, resulting in reduced costs, less risk, and greater scalability.

Most importantly, achieving treasury connectivity with an A2A solution frees treasury from manual tasks to focus more time on strategic activities that drive business growth and value: financial efficiency, working capital management, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation.

Does your business lack treasury connectivity?

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