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New Transcard Solution Gives Billers a First-of-its-Kind Tool for Accelerating Cash Flow and Generating Working Capital

February 13, 2023



February 13, 2023

Billers now have a single solution that can deliver invoices electronically, accept all payment types, and provide embedded Supply Chain Financing (SCF).

The combination of rising interest rates, high inflation, clogged global supply chains, and a tight labor market is creating new financial challenges for billers. To help billers accelerate their cash flow and generate working capital, Transcard today extended its cloud-native embedded payments platform, SMART Suite, to include receivables and Supply Chain Financing (SCF) capabilities. With the solution, billers can now digitally present invoices and billing statements to customers, accept any type of payment, and finance approved invoices from a single platform. This is all embedded within any legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, accounting software, or system of record, and integrated with any existing depository account.

"Billers have long been at the mercy of a receivables ecosystem with slow and unpredictable payment flows,"

said Transcard CEO Greg Bloh.

"Today Transcard is extending its SMART Suite platform to bring a more efficient and transparent receivables solution to market with embedded Supply Chain Financing capabilities. Now, billers have a single platform to manage their receivables process, from invoice presentment and payment processing through financing and reconciliation."

The variety of payment types that billers must offer, coupled with a lack of visibility across standalone payment systems, makes it hard for billers to manage their receivables processes and cash flow. SMART Suite provides an efficient and transparent receivables platform that enables billers to manage all their receivables from a single solution – regardless of the payment method customers use. The SMART Suite receivables solution supports ACH, Real-Time Payments, card transactions, Account-to-Account (A2A) payments, and cross-border payments, among other payment methods.

A workflow-driven mobile-enabled application makes it easy and convenient for customers to receive invoices and billing statements, pay outstanding receivables, and set auto-bill preferences.

As the solution is embedded in the biller’s ERP, accounting software, or system of record, payments are automatically reconciled in real time, and billers have instant visibility into the status of customer invoices, scheduled payments, completed payments, and past-due receivables. SMART Suite also enables billers to effortlessly resend invoices to customers with past-due receivables.

Embedded SCF functionality enables billers to generate working capital by accelerating payment on approved invoices, in exchange for a discount on the amount due. Compared to traditional factoring, embedded financing offers a streamlined process and potentially more competitive rates. Suppliers can set preferences for their receivables that are financed, and they can opt out of SCF at any time.    


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