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How to Take Control of Your Disbursements

August 17, 2021

Are you in control of your disbursements, or are they controlling you?

When disbursements to suppliers and individuals aren’t under control, payments can bog down your operations, strain your cash flow, and put your business at risk of costly fraud and compliance issues.

Businesses of all sizes need a disbursements solution that gives them better control.

  • Control over payment type and payment rails
  • Control over the originating bank account
  • Control over payment timing
  • Control over the information that accompanies payments
  • Control over how suppliers are onboarded

Choosing between the many disbursements solutions on the market is challenging. And the wrong disbursements solution will cost you and could jeopardize supplier and customer relationships.

What businesses need is a disbursements solution that makes it easy to disburse single or mass payments of any type, using any payment rail, instantly or scheduled for later. The platform also should be capable of integrating seamlessly with any legacy accounting software or ERP so users can easily manage disbursements directly from the familiar screens of their company’s legacy systems. It also should include built-in mobile tools for onboarding suppliers onto your open payment network.


What to Look for in a Disbursement Solution

Compare the difference between traditional disbursements systems and smart disbursement solutions:

Traditional Disbursements:
Limited payment options impact supplier adoption of electronic payments the recipient experience.

Smart Disbursement Solutions:
A single platform facilitates payments of any type, using any payment rail, from any bank account.

Traditional Disbursements:
Poor integration with legacy systems hurts staff productivity and ROI and creates data silos.

Smart Disbursement Solutions:
Users can make payments directly from their legacy accounting software or ERP.

Traditional Disbursements:
Inefficiencies, complexity, and risk are unavoidable when you have poorly integrated systems.

Smart Disbursement Solutions:
Maximize productivity with one platform for single or mass payments to suppliers and individuals.

Traditional Disbursements:
Inflexible and can’t easily adapt to changing business requirements.

Smart Disbursement Solutions:
Adapts easily and is built to scale with your business.

Traditional Disbursements:
Closed-loop systems and networks create payment and data silos.

Smart Disbursement Solutions:
Get real-time visibility into where all your approved invoices and disbursements stand.

Traditional Disbursements:
Requires complicated and lengthy onboarding processes that frustrate suppliers.

Smart Disbursement Solutions:
Achieve quick wins with built-in self-service supplier onboarding.

Business requirements for disbursements are ever-changing.

Smart disbursement solutions put businesses in control.

right24% of accounts payable leaders say increased risk of fraud and compliance issues is their biggest concern with the way their business operates these days.

  • Leverage a bank-grade payments platform
  • Reduce risky paper check payments
  • Achieve real-time visibility into payments

right20% of accounts payable leaders say its harder to make payments on time.

  • Pay suppliers directly from any legacy software or ERP
  • Disburse single or mass payments from a single platform
  • Make payments instantly or schedule them for later

right6% of accounts payable leaders say they have inadequate payments visibility.

  • Graphical dashboards put smart payment insights at your fingertips
  • Dashboards can instantly be customized using built-in widgets
  • Achieve seamless integration with legacy software and ERPs

right18% of accounts payable leaders say that the way their department is operating these days has got them “concerned.”

right8% admit they are “overwhelmed” by it all.

Get control over your payments by taking a smarter approach to disbursements. When you’re in control of your disbursements, your business is more efficient and streamlined.

Schedule a demo or get more details on our disbursement solution now.

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